Aleksi Perälä

(AP Musik/Colundi)

  • Bandcamp - White Circle

Born in Finland in 1976, Aleksi Perälä has been an independent producer and a electronic music composer for over 20 years. Aleksi reflects that growing up in Finland has influenced his music deeply. He remembers that at age 3 he was fascinated by soundscapes and echoes. At the age of 7 he commenced 7 years of classical piano lessons.


During the summer of 1988, 12 year old Aleksi first tuned in to the Finnish radio show Ocsid. This was a pivotal point in his music adolescence; it was then that he first heard Acid House. Looking back, Aleksi says that he watched the young rave scene with avid interest from the frustratingly remote distance of a small town in Finland. Pre the luxury of today’s internet connectivity, the rave scene was difficult to access. And so, during that summer of ’88, Aleksi bought his first synthesizer to construct his own sounds. He now began to see and feel the infinite possibilities in music.


By 1993, Aleksi was now fully immersed in the production of electronic music using his own equipment. At 17 Aleksi left Finland for a year as an exchange student in Michigan, USA. It was at this impressionable time that a music milestone event occurred; he was introduced to the music of Aphex Twin. Aleksi remembers how fateful it felt when he discovered that Richard D. James had his own record label: Rephlex. Aleksi immediately felt a kinship; he had found his musical family.

Aleksi’s passion for music was deepening. In 2005, Aleksi commenced 3 years study of Music Technology at Koulutuskeskus Salpaus [a complex of further education in Finland]. As part of the course Aleksi took several months work placement at the University of Helsinki, Department of Musicology. For Aleksi this was both a unique and immensely rewarding experience; he found himself immersed in an analogue studio containing the pioneering electronic music instruments built by Erkki Kurenniemi in the ‘60s.


Aleksi says that these 3 years were fundamental in allowing him to create a different sound based on electro-acoustics and the physics of sound. With this Aleksi took the decision to drop his previous pseudonyms and he now uses his own name for releases.

In 2013 Aleksi started releasing music on his own label AP Musik. Through natural progression, Mental Union stops where colundi begins. colundi is a set of 128 frequencies that are using because of their powerful properties and their combined effects. They have been chosen via experimentation and philosophy, each relating to a specific human bio-resonance, or psychology, traditional mysticism or belief, physics, astronomy, maths, geometry and chemistry.

In the following years Aleksi has released a staggering 30 albums based on colundi frequencies on his own AP Musik label and a few albums on Clone records too.