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Julie Matson is a Vancouver-born, Montreal-based, sound artist, writer and musician dedicated to exploring the aural relationships of difficulty, language and beauty.

Her current projects include “Echo Beach,” an experimental, drone synth band, as well she is a touring member of “Thor and Friends.” She also performs under the moniker “AB/7A,” an intellectual harsh noise project dedicated to a full-faceted sound range with minimal gear.


In her spare time, she likes to take pictures of her funny animals and spend time amongst trees and rocks and bodies of water.

Julie Matson est une artiste sonore, écrivain et musicienne qui est née à Vancouver et qui habite à Montréal. Elle travaille et explore les relations auditives de la difficulté, le langage et la beauté. Ses projets actuels incluent Echo Beach, une bande expérimentale drone et synth ; en plus, elle fait partie  de la tournée Thor and Friends. Matson se présente aussi sous le nom d’AB/7A, un projet intellectuel de bruit râpeux dédié à un rang de plusieurs volets ayant des outils minimaux. Dans son temps libre, Matson prend des photos de ses animaux amusants et passe son temps entre les arbres, les pierres et les corps d’eau.

Franco Bellavita oscillates between visual and sonorous universes through his works; including sound design, analog photography and collage as the main mediums.

His sound imagery blends field recordings from his daily life and travels, acoustic and electronic instruments, and digital processing into an intimist sensory experience, using phonography as a medium to overlap fragments of time and space into present.

Magic elements play a natural role in an otherwise mundane, realistic environment, creating a marvelous reality filled with supernatural beings and daily life situations, recalling "Magic Realism" tradition, painting soundscapes and scenes on imaginary canvas.