Episode 005

❚ Panel Chat ❚

In this episode of immerse(d), we explore what creators are doing with the concept of sound education in our 2021 reality. We will discuss how, where and why they are being called to redefine traditional models of education, and the role this re-education will have on our well being.

Aaron Guice | Sound Designer/Producer/Educator | AFRORACK

Daedelus | Artist/Educator | Ninja Tune/Berklee College of Music

Lauren Segal | Co-Founder & Executive Director | Give a Beat

Maria Batlle | Founder & President | Maria Batlle Foundation

Woulg | Artist/Educator


Moderator: John Alexiou | Co-Founder | StudioFeed/SUBPAC


Workshop: Will Mitchell, lead engineer for the soundsketch project, will present his perspective on AFRORACK's soundsketch. soundsketch is a synthesizer for learners of all abilities. Tune in for a first listen to the system and an introduction to the unique teaching approach that it enables.

+++ Exclusive A/V Performance by Woulg

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