Episode 006

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Sound has been used as a medicine since the beginning of recorded history, even before what we know as music today. A source to heal the body, mind and soul, sound has long been a natural resource used to point the way home. In this episode of immersed, we take a look at how modern day practitioners and artists are utilizing their chosen crafts from science to technology to music and beyond to improve their lives and those of their communities through the medicine of sound.

James Fraser | Vibes Vibroacoustic Ltd.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith | Composer/Artist/Producer

Lyz Cooper | Founder of the British Academy of Sound Therapy

Matias Kamelman | Creator of the Conscious Listening Method



Moderator: John Alexiou | Co-Founder | StudioFeed/SUBPAC

+++ Exclusive A/V Performance by SHIVARASA

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