Episode 02

❚ Panel Chat ❚

Sound Realities: From immersive sound to new audio technologies, we will continue to explore the conversation around the transformative medium that is sound + music.


Alex Kane | Volta-audio, VR Spatial Audio | UK

Martins Popelis | Sonarworks | LV

Matias Kamelman | Metrica Recording Studio | ES

The Josh Craig | Artist/Sound Scientist | US/ES/DE

Satya Hinduja | Alchemic Sonic Environment | US/IN

Moderated by John Alexiou, Founder SUBPAC + StudioFeed


❚ Performance ❚

Satya Hinduja | Alchemic Sonic Environment | US/IN


Offered to this session is the soundscape Hanami - Om Mani Padme Hum that will bridge into a new listening experience by Satya Hinduja, composed from Mumbai during the COVID-19 lockdown. Created from her immediate landscape are sounds of the natural elements and non-human kin in her proximity: the Arabian Sea foreseeing a cyclone, rain, crickets, dogs, bird song, a shruti box, a sansula and Tibetan bells. From within a cityscape that impacts life with harmful degrees of noise pollution, this specific time has allowed a clarity of listening to the overall environment - giving space and solitude for the elements, humans, animals, insects and instruments to resound.


****Recommended Listening Experience****

Find a calm rhythm to your breath. Put on your SUBPAC + headphones. Tune into the sound system. Keep a journal and pen at hand to free any imagery or words that emerge. Relax the body into a comfortable, meditative position. Breathe deep and root into the sound.

Free: Please consider making a donation to support future immerse(d) digital events.