Episode 007

❚ Panel Chat ❚

In this episode, we will take a closer look at the role of sound environments in the creation and cultivation of our individual and collective experiences. From the educational and experiential lens of our panel of musicians, sound designers, forward thinking technologists and academia, we will open up the relative spaces in relationship to music and sound and in doing so, will continue our explorations into the powerful potential of music and sound in our lives. 

Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner | Composer, Artist, Sound Designer

Satya Hinduja | Sound Artist + Founder of Alchemic Sonic Environment

Gascia Ouzounian | Author, Associate Professor of Music, Director, Oxford/SONCITIES

Oleg Stavitsky | CEO + Co-Founder, Endel


Moderator: John Alexiou | Co-Founder | StudioFeed/SUBPAC

+++ Exclusive A/V Performance by Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner)

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