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Dave Sorbara

Signal Founder, Reverb/Grayson Music Co-Founder

Dave Sorbara



Dave's journey began in the early 1990s with an obsession for technology and sound. Deeply passionate about music creation, he saw a massive opportunity in using technology as a driving force for change in the creative process and co-founded Grayson Music Group, one of the largest private music production companies in North America serving commercial, film and television clients for over 22 years. He is an award winning composer who’s worked with the world's biggest brands on multi-national campaigns and contributed to the soundtracks of countless TV series and Film projects. In 2017, after intimately understanding the needs of creators and importance of community, he founded Signal, one of the first large scale co-working studio and office models to specifically support professionals and companies in the music and sound industry. Over the course of his career he learned to focus deeply on wellbeing, understanding its importance as a prerequisite for creativity. After years fostering the wellbeing and creativity of his team and community, he took his next step towards a deeper effort at the intersection of music, technology and health and co-founded Reverb Venture Partners. Reverb is dedicated to investing and supporting founders and businesses leveraging music, sound, exponential technologies and immersive content to support human thriving. A creator at heart he continues to produce music for a number of mediums and projects in his innovative and constantly evolving studio space.

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