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Lauren Segal

Give a Beat

Lauren Segal

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Lauren is the co-founder of Give a Beat. A passionate activist, Lauren spent 10 years addressing the AIDS orphan epidemic in Africa with her first nonprofit, before switching her focus to the enormous domestic injustice of incarceration. A longtime member of the dance music community, Lauren launched Give a Beat in 2014 and has since engaged DJs, music technology companies, festivals, and event promoters in the fight against mass incarceration.

Give a Beat:

Give a Beat’s mission is to reduce the harmful effects of incarceration through music production, DJing and other education programs that transform individuals and inspire communities to take action. Through music education and mentoring programs in juvenile halls, schools, and their Prison Electronic Music Program, they engage the music industry to help widen the pathways for people to thrive, tackle systemic racism, and contribute to the transformation of the criminal justice system. To learn more, please visit

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