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Sarah Goldsworthy

Project Immersed /StudioFeed

Sarah Goldsworthy



Sarah Goldsworthy (formerly Sarah Lamb) first discovered the transformative power of music and sound on the dance floors of Toronto’s underground rave scene. This experience of expansion was akin to falling in love with the space between the stars and set the tone for a lifelong heart journey toward all things energy, frequency and flow.

From rave scenes, to (non- club) promoter + label head, to festival organizer, to radio host and beyond. Sarah spent a good portion of her life fueled by a call to create space and community for free authentic expression and experience of music and sound. She did much of this work alongside her partner Alicia Hush, with their collective creation Hushlamb.

In 2007 Sarah met John Alexiou, Co-Founder of StudioFeed. Visions around space for music aligned with and their collaborations began. Taking on many twists and turns over the years, it is now manifesting as Project Immersed; a series around music, health and technology which she produces and co-curates.

Music and Sound continue to be a Guide for Sarah and remains an integral part of the work she does in her community.

Oh and she’s still dancing. In fact she’s dancing like never before!

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