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Tyler Cymone

Creator | Ritual + Ceremony Facilitator | Entrepreneur, SUBPAC/Pensado’s Place

Tyler Cymone



Tyler Cymone is a creative of many sorts. By day she works as a content developer, digital strategist, web designer, and social media optimizer for brands and individuals seeking to enhance their digital online presence.

She is also a writer and contributes weekly to the collection of findings on the Health & Bass platform; a blog devoted to highlighting how sound can optimally impact us.

By night she is a creator, making music with intention and using sound to promote wellness. She is the voice and channel behind TILLA, a Producer, Songwriter, and DJ. She is also the leader of transformational ritual experiences and immersive healing ceremonies utilizing the power of sound, sacred plant medicines, and the natural elements.

In all of her endeavors, Tyler is committed to spreading light in this world. Her mission is to combine the ancient knowledge of our ancestors with the capabilities of modern technologies to bring about a better world for all.


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