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The Mixed Reality Experience Playground is based at Ravensbourne University London. A not for profit research & innovation partnership with DoubleMe & PsychFi Labs. An award winning transformative creative space for students to collaborate, tinker & rapid prototype ideas with immersive, emerging technology & new mediums. Including HoloPortal, HoloLens, Magic Leap, Looking Glass, Oculus, Google Cardboard Experiences.

Mixed Reality Experience Playground Partners

HoloPortal / LoopSpace / PsychFi / Talkaoke / Beat Saber

"You are giving Max an opportunity to learn and create that I never thought would be possible..." Max's Mum

"In the corner of a UK research center is a rather unassuming blue room. It's in this room, however, where the future of virtual, augmented & mixed reality content creation lies – & it's called HoloPortal." MSN News

Talkaoke - The Peoples Pop Up Chat Show consists of an illuminated round table with a host sitting in the middle on a swivel chair. Participants sit around the outside and are passed the microphone whenever they want to talk, coming and going as they please. The conversation is a journey from one unexpected subject to another. It can be topical, funny, deep, out-there, or all of the above.

PsychFi [ Si-k-Fi ] Mind Expanding Fantastic Feels & The Finest Pop Culture Reference (Surreal, Psychedelic & Science Fiction)
Mixed Up Reality Experiences.

"The atmosphere in the room is electric, & captures the latest upsurge in cyberculture.."
Oxford University Press & Inner Sound, Jon Weinel

“Wow, that was a real trip” Robert Watts, Producer (Star Wars, Raiders Of The Lost Ark,
Roger Rabbit)"