Human Instrument

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Human Instrument is an acapella performance and a fully immersive synaesthetic “looking at sound” experience. Through live cymatics, the human is voice projected onto physical objects, dancing with light reflections,  provoking unique and iconic patterns that reflect the intricacies of the human voice.



Musical Director, Creator & Vocalist

Rafaelle Mackay is a singer, musical director and therapeutic musician based in Montreal. Her passion for the pure essence of the human voice comes alive in her vocal improvisation, compositions and in her approach to ambient music - both acoustic and electronic.

Additionally, she is a teacher and facilitator with creative choirs and vocal retreats. Rafaelle studied Jazz at Concordia University and Hindustani classical voice in Varanasi, India.



Co-creator, Art Director & Producer

A recognized content producer, her curiosity and method allows her to focus on the organic relationship between storytelling, philanthropy, filmmaking and technology.

Her Mexican/Lebanese origins, early age multi-ethnic musical education, and the sonic patterns of nature influence the aesthetics of her creative vision.

Human Instrument is her first immersive multimedia show she works as concept creator, artistic director, and multimedia producer.



3D artist & Programmer

Patrick Trudeau (alias Diagraf) is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Montreal, Quebec. While mostly recognized as a digital visual artist, he is also a VJ, DJ, composer, and filmmaker.

His work in those fields features a forward thinking minimalist aesthetic combined with a science fiction sensibility, exploring notions of futurism, metaphysics, existentialism and humanism. His projects as Diagraf and Orbital Mechanics have been featured in a number of major festivals and events. His current trajectory is leading him increasingly towards generative performances, immersive audiovisual works, and virtual/augmented reality projects.