Inner Activity

“Being supercedes doing, making solitude the key aspect of the experience, allowing the immersant to connect not to others but to the depths of his or her own self.” - Char Davies (1995)


Inner Activity is a series of immersive, multi-sensory virtual reality experiences combining video game technologies and interactive design with alternative healing modalities and the building blocks of meditation to create new forms of immersive entertainment based therapy and wellness modalities. The project serves as a research platform to develop optimal frameworks for inducing mental transformation, cognitive shifts and positive mental states such as perceptual vastness, awe and wonder as a significant byproduct of consuming entertainment.


Exploring the perceptual interplay between self and world, humans and nature, wellness and entertainment, the project utilizes synthetic restorative environments, synchronized multi-sensory stimulation and biometric feedback to facilitate attainment of a particular state-of-being within the virtual environment, where most immersants experience a shift of awareness in which the urge for action is replaced by contemplative free-fall.


Artist Bio / About the Creator:


Anshul Pendse

Immersive Experience Design - VR + Wellness

PhD Researcher - Media Arts & Technology, UC Santa Barbara

Co-Founder - Visual Reality (Immersive Event Experience Design & Curation, Content Development, Art Collective)

Co-Founder - Amygdala Labs (UX & Interaction Design, Immersive Media Research & Development)


ANSHUL PENDSE is a creative technologist and immersive experience designer with a keen interest in bridging the gap between entertainment and therapy using immersive media and multi-sensory technologies.

He has a background in animation and visual effects, working on films such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and X-MEN: First Class. He holds an MFA in Interactive Media & Game Design from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, where he developed his MFA Thesis ‘Inner Activity’ as an entertainment based therapy modality using virtual reality and multi sensory technologies.

ANSHUL is currently a doctoral candidate in Media Arts & Technology at University of California, Santa Barbara. His work utilizes entertainment design and technology embedded with proven therapy modalities to develop a framework for restorative and transformational experiences that induce positive states of trance, flow and heightened awareness, which in turn facilitate better health, wellness and mindfulness.