(Deep Medi Musik)

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K Man (also known as The Phantom), is an Electronic music producer and DJ hailing from South East London. K Man is known for his Mystical and Hypnotic rhythms and melodies as well as his earth shaking bass lines which have rocked the Dubstep scene's many club nights and festivals since 2010. K Man represents the notorious Deep Medi Musik as well as Denmark's finest dubstep label Circle Vision and also the French sound system collective Green Arrow Soundsystem. He was formally a member of the Deep Medi Dubstep duo The Dub Mechz. Due to his departing from the duo, it is rumored that this situation caused K Man to adopt a second persona (The Phantom). A Name like a comic book character surely means a metaphysical anomaly...fitting then that K Man The Phantom is rumored to be made up of 85% THC, 15% water, bone & flesh.