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Creating spatial sound in the real world is an art.

At MagicBeans we are offering a brand new service - ‘Audio Mapping’ - utilising high definition spatial audio with complex 6DOF characteristics, and creating highly immersive mixed reality experiences.

Audio-mapping allows for new kinds of audiovisual experience and can deliver information and entertainment which captivate.

MagicBeans is a new immersive-audio startup born out of the pioneering 3D audio work of founders Gareth Llewellyn and Jon Olive.

With just a pair of headphones, MagicBeans maps high-definition spatial audio into the world around you - creating new kinds of mixed reality audio experience for brands, artists and visitor attractions.

MagicBeans have recently been accepted into the 22nd cohort of the startup accelerator program the Accelerator Academy.

Gareth and Jon founded production house Mixed Immersion , and are the sound team behind The Philharmonia Orchestra’s acclaimed VR Sound Stage , which premiered in April at SXSW 2018 and received Royal approval from Prince William later in the year.

We created two floors of 3D audio for DotDotDot’s ground-breaking immersive theatre production SOMNAI.

We produced a fully-interactive 3D granular-synthesis speaker array for the launch of Adidas’ Nemeziz football boot, and we have worked to bring Oscar winning composer A R Rahman’s multi-sensory debut VR feature Le Musk to life.

Before all this, the founders pioneered 3D audio in cinema - helping to develop the Auro3D format and mixing the world’s first immersive feature ‘Red Tails’ along with Skywalker Sound and Lucasfilm, before mixing dozens of Hollywood features in immersive audio and blazing a trail followed by Dolby and DTS.

Gareth Llewellyn, Founder CEO

Gareth Llewellyn began his sound career in film audio post before moving to Galaxy Studios, Belgium where he was heavily involved with the pioneering 3D audio work that led to the Auro-3D sound format.

Gareth helped mix the world’s first commercial 3D audio feature (Red Tails, Lucasfilm) with a team from Skywalker Sound, and went on to remix dozens of Hollywood features - pioneering new creative and technical approaches to deliver audience immersion through channel and object based sound systems.

Gareth has since helped showcase new kinds of audience immersion through sound - delivering interactive 3D audio to brands, immersive theatre and artists.

Gareth has co-written (with Prof Justin Paterson) the ‘3D-Audio’ chapter in Routledge’s upcoming Perspectives on Music Production (available April 2019).

Jon Olive AMIOA AMPS; Founder CTO

Jon Olive began his career in classical music recording and post-production, later moving to sound design for film via various audio-industry roles in sales, product development and customer support.

He has numerous Hollywood feature credits - including work on both the Mummy and Harry Potter franchises.

A qualified acoustician, Jon brings his unique combination of creative and technical expertise to bear in developing new techniques and approaches to unlock the full potential of spatial audio.