Matias Kamelman

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Matias Kamelman was born in Buenos Aires in 1979. He moved to Barcelona, Spain in 2003 and is currently based in Ibiza since 2014. Matias is a musician and music producer with more than 20 years of experience in the music business, including performances beside big names such as Just Kool (from Kool and the gang) or Eric Martin (Mr. Big), to name a few. 

The advancement of his career also led him to work as a music and performance consultant for brands such as Hard Rock Hotel and Palladium Hotels. In his early years, he pursued classical conservatory studies in music and later on professional music studies from the Berklee College of Music. In addition, he obtained a Master's Degree in Music Therapy in 2019 and a Master's Degree in Music Coaching in 2020. Now an experienced guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, producer and arranger, Matias has devoted the past 3 years to conducting extensive research on the influence of Music in Neuroscience and Health at Metrica Recording Studio Ibiza. His interest in the field stems from his very roots: raised within a family of physicians and intellectuals, he developed multiple interests in science, health and oriental philosophy. This led him to team up with Metrica as a laboratory specialized in spatial sound, and Eurecat, Barcelona's most important technology research center, to study the different influences that immersive sound and brain entrainment through moving binaural waves have on health and quality of life. The implications of these theories developed by this specialized team have spanned into a full-scale research involving several professionals on different areas: Health, Neuroscience, Physics, Music and Technology. Their work also resulted in several “spin offs”, such as applying to European funding programs and the designing of multiple applications.


Matias is currently teaching method he calls “Conscious Listening”, which encourages a re-learning of our way of listening to music and sound by the learning of techniques that blend music therapy, meditation, immersive sound and binaural waves, NLP, and Gestalt Therapy. The main purpose of this Method is to improve people's quality of life, and it has proved a great asset when used with the different spatial sound applications designed by Metrica, not only for sleep aid and guidance, meditation, and relaxation enhancement, but also for quality of life improvement in Fibromyalgia and chronicle pain patients.