Rafaelle Mackay

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Rafaelle Mackay is a Vocalist, Composer, Musical Director, Therapeutic Musician and Workshop leader inspired by a deep inner connection to the power of the human voice. She has dedicated herself to sharing her journey, explorations and the treasures of this fine instrument. As a vocalist, she invites her audience to connect to their own inner worlds through her meditative concert series, and her album “Mayu”, which is appreciated by practitioners of various meditative arts across the globe. Her vocal tone, smooth and profound, has been influenced both by the study of vocal Jazz at Concordia University and Hindustani classical vocal studies in Northern India.

Her most recent Project ‘HUMAN INSTRUMENT’ debuted at la SAT and performed in both 2018 & 2019 is a multimedia performance in the Satosphere, where her acapella voice derives and displays the visual and synesthetic effects of Cymatics. Rafaelle leads transformational meditation and voice retreats alongside singing with multiple local and international DJs of various styles.

Rafaelle has started creating her own downtempo electronic soundscapes. Inspired to spread the joy and depth of sound and deep listening around the world and within.