Shiva has established herself as one of the most powerful producer / DJs in Los Angeles. Igniting dance floors all over the world for the past 10 years, her dynamic range stomps boundaries and shakes souls. Her roots in music production and theory take her DJ sets to the highest level.

In her precious personal time, she loves to balance the “darkside” with a beam of brilliant light by making meditation music.

Inspired by her own wellness journey and passion for personal evolution, Shiva has given birth to RETURN TO SOUND a meditative bass experience.

This unique event pioneered in LA involves Shiva’s meditation music in collaboration with Subpac, a wearable technology that pulses sound vibration through your body. Bringing meditation music into a new era with her signature bass heaving aquatic heart centered sound, Shiva takes you on a fully immersive sonic journey that inspires deep relaxation, trance states, and an opportunity to observe within.

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