Tom Middleton

Tom's extensive career has revolved around positively transforming the ways we use and apply sound to our lives. He’s performed to millions across 49 countries, even sharing the stage with artists such as Mark Ronson, Lady Gaga and Kanye West. His current work involves designing psychoacoustic soundtracks and soundscapes for major brands and organisations. He applies the latest in multi-sensory and cross-modal research and effectively translates that into tangible solutions that help improve people’s mental and physical health and general wellbeing. Tom began his professional career as an Electronic Neo-Classical Composer and founding member of pioneering Ambient outfit Global Communication, and as an international touring DJ and Artist. This lead into Psychoacoustics Research and Sound Architecture, and more recently training as a Sleep Science Coach. Since then, Tom founded SONUX, an audio-sensory branding consultancy focusing on helping global firms reduce stress, improve sleep, boost productivity, increase resilience and enhance performance.

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