Tom Middleton

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Tom Middleton is an award winning sound designer, composer and creator of science-based functional music and soundscapes for wellbeing and immersive wellness, integrating breathwork and biophilia. 

To mitigate anxiety, boost motivation and focus, aid relaxation and improve sleep. He is currently a Co-Chair on the AFEM Health Group which supports the mental, physical and emotional health of the electronic music industry. He is a certified sleep science coach and training to be a stress management coach.

His current music project is an album to soundtrack the journey to Mars and beyond to explore habitable Exoplanets that one day may be a new home for mankind. His sleep and relaxation music can be found in apps such as Calm and Breathonics.

Applying principles of the neuroscience and psychology of sound, listening and breathwork combined with the power of biophilic nature ambience, to create impactful, transformational soundscapes, music and immersive experiences to help with focus, stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation.

A pioneering Electronic musician and DJ, he has toured the world and performed to millions over 3 decades observing the positive affects of sound, and has shared the stage with Mark Ronson, Lady Gaga and Kanye West. After a radical reassessment of his creative motivations he has embarked on a new mission to help rescore the soundtrack to life and positively benefit our wellbeing in a world of increasing anxiety, stress and burnout.

Tom believes the science of sound can help us to be more happy, healthy and productive.

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