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A series on music x health x technology

Project Immersed is a global platform spreading awareness on the transformative power of music and sound.

We co-create events that showcase ideas and foster connections between a growing network of creators, scientists, practitioners + forward thinking technologists dedicated to exploring the impact music and sound can have

on our health and society.

Check out our latest live event:
Sonic Consciousness
at the PHI Centre

On June 3 and 4, Project Immersed + PHI Centre co-conducted a sound escapade unlike any other with their presentation of Sonic Consciousness. If you didn’t get a chance to attend or did and want to feel into the moments, check out this amazing video courtesy of Kevin Delamourd + PHI Centre.

We are still beaming over here with remembrance of this beautiful gathering and the energy and love everyone involved brought to the mix.

We are looking forward to building on this vibe with you and in future editions of Project Immersed + PHI!

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Sound, Psychedelics & Altered States of Consciousness | Project Immersed [Ep 21]

We tune back into the emerging world of Sound, Psychedelics & Altered States of Consciousness with a focus on the role that music and sound play in these transformative experiences. We are truly at the crux of a psychedelic renaissance, and in this episode, we focus on some of the ways that artists and musicians can get involved with this movement as well as the future potentials of combining these therapeutics with technologies such as XR and VR.



There are currently no upcoming events.  Stay tuned!

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Series partners are a network of dedicated creators committed to exploring the connection between sound and humanity. 

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Project Immersed is Presented by StudioFeed. A non-profit organization whose mission is to create music-focused projects that educate, inspire and move people.

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