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Project Immersed Mix Series is where we ask artists to take us on an intimate journey to self through sound.

Snooks - Sound For Bones

"a bass-filled, ambient journey which is best experienced using a SubPac or Subwoofer. Enjoy the ride!"

Aleksi Perälä

"A mixture of hardware jams by ovuca and Aleksi Perälä, celebrating the ongoing releases of Northern Lights and PHANTASIA. colundi everyOne!"

Felicia Lush

"...Love, fear, light, darkness and deep compassion poured through me in that ceremony and now that journey resonates here in The Butterfly In The Room."

Desert Dwellers

"...unique and lush set that focuses on these chilled out gems Spanning the past 15 years of production, this set seamlessly combines DD classics as well as some newer offerings like our remix for Polish Ambassador. We hope it brings you much peace and comfort in your body and mind."

"... I think that after all that time of making music, the ultimate goal would be to make music to soothe me."

Rafaelle Mackay -

Melting with allies

"...drones made from voices; weaving harmonies, vocal textures and nature sound bites, featuring the 4 elements we live and breathe with. Painting prayers for a more peaceful inner garden."

Debbie Doe -Un passage

"A listening experience designed for headphones. Using 3D/ambisonic recordings of nature and perspectival spaces. Close your eyes. Try to listen to the details while being in the moment."

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