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Residing on the west coast of British Columbia, Anilah is the musical project of composer and vocalist Dréa Drury. For the first 18 years of her life, she lived in a rural village of 50 people in the heart of the Kootenay Mountains (BC, Canada). Her experiences there, her love for remote wilderness, and the world of the elements, has inspired her to write music which directly reflects their influence.

From an early age, Dréa has been fascinated with the therapeutic aspects of sound and music. She has a background in audio engineering, psychoacoustic sound design, and music therapy - all of which she now weaves into her compositional style. After finishing her studies in music and engineering, she went on to study voice and traditional North Indian Classical music with mentors such as Silvia Nakkach, Shweta Jhaveri, and the late Ali Akbar Khan. These teachers helped her develop a relationship with music - one that was less focused on aesthetics and style, and more on crafting soundscapes that can gently influence both the nervous system and the deep emotional landscape of the listener.

After her vocal mentorship, Dréa worked for several years at a remote wilderness retreat where she had the opportunity to work one on one with clients offering music and sound therapy. It was over this period of time, nestled in a circular stone temple in the forest, that she developed a deeper understanding of the therapeutic applications of the voice. All of the music she now composes has roots in this pivotal time.

As "Anilah", she has released 3 studio albums and several singles. Her work has been featured on season 6 of History Channel “Vikings”, CBC’s “New Eden” series, and several documentary films. Dréa is also a contributing artist to “Wavepaths", which is a music app specifically designed for psychedelic psychotherapy (developed by Brian Eno and Mendel Kaelen).

Her most recent album “CHRYSALIS” was released in September of 2021, and is now available on all platforms.

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