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Sound Artist | Music Producer | Assistant Professor Sound, Concordia


A captivating artist with a minimalistic style rooted in groove and space, Claire

has carved out a niche for herself in the underground. Nomadic at heart, she

lives in Montréal, but regularly ventures off to Europe and Latin America. Music

has been a part of her forever: she grew up to the sounds of her mother’s violin

performances and studied a variety of instruments: violin (of course!), voice,

bass guitar and a little jazz piano. A bit of a gear junkie, Kenway has a small but

mighty arsenal of synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, and drum machines.

Something just flows when those machines come alive and as such, she has

several EPs on vinyl and has released on labels Conceptual, Monoclap,

Archipel and more. For 2023, she has some releases on PPRZ and Ice Wax, and

is also launching her own label, Planète Secrète. From Piknic Electronik to the

Techno Parade, and MUTEK to Club Der Visionaere, Claire’s music will move


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