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East Forest

Multidisciplinary Artist | Producer | Sound Meditation Guide

East Forest

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East Forest is a multidisciplinary artist, producer, and international leader in underground sound meditation. His work explores living authentically within a modern context through an introspective methodology that weaves together elements of electro-acoustic live music, nature, technology, brain science, and guided meditation.

His "ceremony-concerts" utilize a skilled instrumental repertoire to create space for an emotive inner journey. "IN: A Soundtrack For The Psychedelic Practitioner, vol. II" is the latest chapter in his ever-evolving career, which includes over 25 albums, including 2019’s album-length collaboration with spiritual pioneer Ram Dass, the five-hour-long psilocybin soundtrack "Music For Mushrooms: A Soundtrack For the Psychedelic Practitioner", and collaborations with artists Jon Hopkins, Typhoon, Laraaji, Dead Prez, Nick Mulvey, Peter Broderick, DJ ANNA and more.

As a trailblazer in the global wellness movement, he offers guided meditations, retreats, a weekly podcast (Ten Laws w/East Forest), and talks that guide students through a brain-body approach aimed towards non-religious and grounded spirituality; he is a faculty member at the Esalen Institute and has worked with Google and Johns Hopkins neuroaesthetics project, Wavepaths, Consciousness Hacking, TED, Field Trip Health, is the co-founder of, and more.

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