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James Fraser

Vibes Vibroacoustic Ltd.

James Fraser

James has been a musician since picking up the guitar at age 8, soon abandoning classical guitar (couldn’t read dots) and developing his musical ear. He has played bass since 1989 (and latterly producing) with Milltown Brothers who were signed to A&M in the 90s, and spent a very educational few years touring and recording as a member of the highly rated indie band.

Studying psychology after the record company dropped the band led to a music tutor post in special education during which two discoveries - meditation (completely changed his life) and vibroacoustics; low frequency sound therapy. A lot of reading followed and an interest in energy medicine, new biology and trying to be a better listener.

Today he’s CEO of Vibes Vibroacoustics Ltd in the UK, a startup hoping to raise the profile of sound as a helping therapy for chronic illness and disability. In this approach it’s the client or patient who is the teacher of what their body knows and the low frequencies are the stimulus; the vibroacoustic therapist is a facilitator cheerleader and a witnessing presence to a self healing process.

Using SUBPAC's since 2018 to bring the therapy to those isolated by their conditions the process is developing now in the current situation to be delivered remotely. James strongly trusts that this work is guided from elsewhere due to the circumstances around its appearance in his life. More than ever there’s good reason to be cheerful about new approaches in sound as a healing medium.

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