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Sound Artist


It all changed in a one-year gap, when in late 2020, after releasing three great albums - one of

them a double! Peel. KMRU cleared up any doubts regarding the loquacious talent and golden

future expected of him. There are those who work and ponder too much on the pace of their

artistic production; KMRU decided to explain most of his purposes in one go, carving out serious

and definitive space on the list of essential authors in ambient music which we absolutely have to

listen to today. A Berlin resident but with roots in Kenya, KMRU travels musically and intermittently

between these two places, creating electronic music that flies over the Equator among territories

of panoramic and limitless horizons. Pendular and oceanic music, sometimes celestial but falsely

liturgic, almost always hypnotic, made to be impregnated in our body after it has finished. His

work posits expanded listening cultures of sonic thoughts and sound practices, a proposition to

consider and reflect on auditory cultures beyond the norms. He has earned international acclaim

from his performances in far-flung locales as well as his profound releases.

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