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Satya Hinduja

Sound Artist/Founder, Alchemic Sonic Environment

Satya Hinduja

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Satya Hinduja is a composer, sound artist and producer working with a range of musical instruments, voice, field recordings and alternate tunings for spatial sound environments.

Satya’s artistic practice embodies the synthesis of multiple trajectories: scoring for films and mixed-media installations and production, remixing and DJing (as Sound Underground). It was during this journey she discovered the interconnectivity between Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Kinesiology, Quantum Theory and Vedic philosophy.

This path has evolved into her current project as founder of Alchemic Sonic Environment [ASE], a multisensory deep listening experience designed to invoke states of reflection, receptivity, and exchange.

Merging her mother cultures' origin of meditative sound with the art of music, ASE is steadily evolving into a research and education platform exploring the nature of health as a process. Bridging ancient practices of sound and energy medicine with emerging technologies, Satya’s work researches the essence of resonance and seeks to redefine the transformative power of sonic perception.

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