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Tom Middleton

Award Winning Music Composer and Wellness Music Pioneer

Tom Middleton

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Award winning composer, wellness music pioneer Tom Middleton has toured the world and performed to millions, sharing the stage with the likes of (Kan)Ye West, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg and Mark Ronson whilst observing the positive benefits of sound. A former Classically trained Pianist and Orchestral ‘Cellist, Radio and TV Broadcaster, Dj and Graphic Designer.

He pivoted into wellness and sensory design after experiencing tour burnout, re-training as a sleep science and stress management coach, and currently studying an MSc in the Neuroscience and Psychology of Sound/Music at Goldsmiths (Music, Mind and Brain program).

Tom's mission is to help people, brands and platforms use empathically designed functional music, wellness soundscapes and digital therapeutics within innovative sensory ecosystems to transform suffering, extend health span and boost performance and resilience by improving sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, combating pain and inflammation, and enhancing focus and flow for optimal productivity.

He helps millions sleep better every night with content for apps like Calm and creates performance and recovery music to breathe to for the Breathonics app.

And last year won a SABRE innovation award for his Dream Drive Zero Emissions Lullaby campaign for Nissan Leaf. Tom is an advisor to Moonai, the audio analgesic app to reduce period pain.

With a recent sleep coaching and soundscape program for Sleep Cycle and a pioneering spatial audio sleep music project for Apple Music.

Studio Tom Middleton Spanning multiple sectors and leveraging multi-modal sensory science to innovate and create content and experiences, with testing and validating via his lab team including neuroscientists, psychologists and behaviourists.

With over 700 recording credits on Discogs, Tom learned how to produce from Richard (Aphex Twin) James in his bedroom studio. Tom was founding member of pioneering 90’s ambient / deep house duo Global Communication, electro funk outfit The Jedi Knights and solo as tech house/prog artist Cosmos. He’s remixed artists from Coldplay to Prince and lead the way for seamless mixed in key and eclectic Dj compilations. His latest neo-classical electronic concept album 'E2-XO' was released late 2021 under the new name GCOM (Galactic Communication).

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