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Will Mitchell

Soundsketch / AFRORACK / Liquid City Motors

Will Mitchell

Will Mitchell is a musician and electronic instrument designer based in the midwestern United States.

Music, sound systems, and DIY synthesizers sparked a curiosity about the mathematical fabric of sound and have provided a laboratory for experimentation and a framework for understanding STEM topics.

Will was an instructor with the Digital Music Production program at the Milwaukee Public Schools' after school Twilight Centers. He co-created the Via series of eurorack synthesizer modules with Starling. Following up on these experiences, he hopes to encourage self-guided experiential learning with soundsketch, a modular synthesizer designed in collaboration with AFRORACK for people of all abilities.

Will has released music on Glacial Industries and Close Up of the Serene as Liquid City Motors and produced for artists including R.A.P. Ferreira and Busdriver when working as Riley Lake.

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